Have you ever thought about what really makes your auto repair business a success? Or have you considered finding the answer to success. In auto repair, It does not matter if you area good technician or a bad technician. You can gain the skills to have the best shop in the world. Knowing how to fix cars surely is not a necessity. Does it help? absolutely! However, the money is made in the front of the house. I have seen alot of shop owners stonewall the idea of hiring an employee/ service writer/ manager to run the front of the house. I have worked with thousands of shops and the majority would rather higher another technician instead of someone for the front of the house.

Understanding that we dont fix cars is the first step in understanding how this business works... Not just this business but every business. We fix peoples problems. One of the last places that a customer would like to be is at a repair shop waiting on thier car. There is always an exeption to the rule, but the majority will visit you out of necessity. If you can keep this one thing in mind when your clients visit you, you can use empathy to build all the success you can handle.

Problem Solved....

I have always said that the auto repair business is a salespersons gift. What other industry has customers that come to you, already knowing that they may have to spend hundreds if not thousand of dollars year over year. Taking the time to find your clients number 1 concern, prioritizing that concern and presenting a solution takes finess. It is a job in of itself and should be handled as a seperate task. Grow your business with small ideas that go a long way. We will be here along your path to help.