In the last few years I have seen an increase in new Auto Repair businesses. Some of the new shop owners have been making the best of our consulting services and they have grown faster than most of thier precedessors. Yes the industry has had a high demand for Auto repair shops and especially technicians to work on vehicles, but we also have the woes of parts delays and unavailability. I am still seeing a good percentage of the new shops fail. Not due to the lack of parts...

One of the biggest reasons that I have come across is genuinely, the lack of experience. In any business or any life lesson, most people need to fail atleast once until they change thier mindset on how they structure thier processes. There is a better way! When someone is consumed in running a new business they dont normally take the step back to look at thier process. Understanding that having systems in place for your daily activities, will grow your business 10x.

Why cry about when you can just call us.. 

Spending a few extra dollars on the things that help you run your business is a part of what makes the business grow. You cant grow it if you dont know it. Knowing your purchases, sales, client information, vehicle history, vendor credits, tax liabilities or any other aspect of your business will give you the advantage thats necessary to get ahead. However most shop owners think spending $100.00 a week on a diagnostic scanner is more important than $250.00 per month on a business management system with vehicle repair information. In reality the added expense will increase your profits so you can afford the things that you want.