In my career as a Service Writer, there were alot of moments that has changed my life. One of my favorite unspoken joys was something that I could not (at the time) explain how it happened. I went to work one morning and sat in my desk. As usual I logged into my PC and checked my e-mail. There was a newsletter from a company called "My Guy". This newsletter was the awakening of my very being. Within this newsletter I found information that was pertinent to my conversations that I carried through with clients on a daily basis. Unknowingly I fed myself information that was a part of the path of my present success.

It's cliche to say that no news is good news, so lets throw that stereotype away because its a lie! There is always good news, its up to you to find the right source. At that moment in my life "My Guy" was the right source for me. With that said our why, our passion to give you great content for the auto and trucking repair industry pumps through our hearts, warms through our bodies, flows to our fingers and types to this blog to give you the food of success in your career path.